Anything is Possible with DesignSuite

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Photo Filter

Choose from a selection of filters that allow you to easily adjust your photos to best match the mood.

QR Code

Adding a QR code to the design is an easy access to information from a smartphone and therefore a great tool for marketing professionals


Choose from a variety of organized clipart that allow you to easily customize your products. The categories can be attached individually in the parameters to be displayed according to the theme of the designs.


Crop your images easily to the exact size you want.


DesignSuite has many ways to align objects. You can align with grid and when moving the layers will adjust to the guidelines, vertically with more or less space, very useful for texts, or align layers with each other.


Manage layers in a simple way. You can quickly identify the layer by the image or icon, set the name, sort, block, unlock or delete.

Group and Ungroup

Create designs quickly and easily by grouping and ungrouping SVG.

Powerful Toolbar

Select and erase all, grid, align and flip vertical and horizontal, rotate, bring to front, send to back, lock and group layers, duplicate, undo, redo and preview design.

Group and Ungroup

With DesignSuite, you can make multiple transformations such as move, resize, rotate, skew and flip any text, shape or clipart.